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Reasons to head back to Madrid

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Top Ten Reasons?
No, who needs that many.

If you've caught any of the buzz from the vuvuzelas or the predictions from (the now retired) Paul then Madrid's World Cup win has probably placed Spain's capital city on your radar since the summer. For me I have many more fond memories and ties to the city than that; Madrid was the 1st place I've visited in Spain, where I met many wonderful people, but none more dear than my boyfriend, where Pueblo Ingles began and the pathway to unique daytrips that are still top 5 on my list of travels.

Now, Bourdain's visited and having just watched the episode on the TravelChannel, I can't wait for my next visit. He highlighted many things about the city that would most certainly bring a wonderful second (culinary) visit: old school lion of a restaurant serving traditional homemade dishes, a bred of young chefs serving cross-cultural fusion of Spanish and Chinese (dim sum) food, new tapas renditions with a cool gastropub vibe without the pretense - yum. And there was images of jamon that were sinfully delish!

Sign me up!

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Been Gone for Too Long

The In-Betweens

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My cousin's recent email about her prelim plans for her summer Chinese program in China made me think about my 1st encounter with blogs and keeping a travelogue. Yes. Her message brought back all those memories I can still recount and tap into, many of them live-entries that I can go back to every now and then. Course that made me think..."wow, that means since my last entry I really haven't kept a good account of my travels and happenings?" Ha. Yes. The fear of forgetting and not giving due to the time since my return home, or simply the "new year," drove me back to this site. Even the many attempts at guessing my password speak to my long-overdue visit; alas, I'm back and it was great...looking at all the photos and the entries...all captured here.

Instead of back-tracking the past 4 months, I'll simply add that since my return home from Europe, I've been to 3 cities over a period of 4 weeks. Vermont, Boston, and Toronto, respectively, were all wonderful trips in their own rite. I will not soon forget the 1st and last boarding trip of the season at Mt. Snow, but more so, the company I had (all of 16!); then there was Boston, where it astounded me how some place where I've been many times before would reveal even more wonders and sites, and then TO, my inaugural trip started off wet-and ended that way too, but was every inch the trip that made me believe, undeniably, that we have to be good to ourselves, and follow where our wandering heart takes us.

This month? It'll be a combo trip to Virginia and D.C. Let's just hope this re-entry to the blog will continue for a little more...because install? Summer + NYC = the Best Urban Playground for any young-at-heart adult!


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It's MY Birthday, Amongst Other Things

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Part of the reason why I decided to come back home during the time that I did was to have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends. While bittersweet, the holiday was definitely filled with wonderful memories, laughter and warmth. The homemade almond white cake with (yummy) custard my cousin JenJen created was awesome and oh-so-cute. The 1st Annual While Elephant was hilarious and had us in stiches. The presents, quite thoughtful and unique. Can't wait 'til next year! = )


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We're History

Red, Green and One Size Fits All x 600+ = An Elf-ing Record!

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Chris and I went to Bryant Park today for a record breaking event. We spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon in an elf costume roaming around The Pond Ice Sakting ring in the heart of Midtown. Yes. The things we will do since we have free time and for entertainment in good o'l NY. It was ridiculous, funny, a major laugh and simply a good time at the expense of our own vanity. No, not only did the one-size fit all elf costume feel like we donning a fat suit, it was not flattering in the least and gave us awful hat-hair only felt could. However, it did keep us warm for the 2+ hours we were lottering around the skating rink mingling with other fellow elves of all shape, sizes and age. It was an Elf Party and we got complementary lunch, giveaways (...oh, the IPod, n' those fleece blankets) and the (oh, the possiblity) of winning a 42" LG flatscreen (...pleeeaaasseeee). We also kept warm by dancing around with Xmas beats from the live DJ on site and even took part in a learned line dance belting out, "ABC Faaaammmiiillly," in our unison sunseting move. It was most silly and all we could was freaking laugh and join in the madness. I got an Aisan shoutout by the MC, who was roaming the floor for a lucky dancer to win a 128G IPod. I was so close, I really thought I was there, he even noticed the extra decorative attempt in the horendous elf costume, in th end, he walked away laughing and handed the (wonderfully new and beautifully boxed Ipod) to some dude. <Deep Breath> I have resolve. I will survive. So, we didn't nabe any freebies (they were flying high above our heads and those under the 5.3 radar rearly are in luck), nor did we roll home with a new flatscreen but we did score a pair (aaha!) of season skating tickets at Bryant Park. Niiiiccceeeee. Oh, the pine tree scented tree ornaments were a nice perk too. It was so nice waking up so the smell of "nature," in the room today. Sweeettt!!!! Or is it...Freeessshhh?! Ha. At the end of it, it was an event that just taught us to not take things so seriously and, golly, get in the darn spirit of the holiday season! K...Happy Holidays All!!! A jolly good laugh at our expense! It's the season for gifting after all. <3


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Catching Up

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It has been quite easy easing back to life at home. There is definitely no shortage of food about for me to indulge either - yum. Aside from that, I'm slowly seeing family and (soon) even friends. Yeah. I love that there are plans to look forward to already. Starting off, we got this Friday when I'll be celebrating with family per a 21st Bday and toasting a soon-to-be nursing grad!! Woohoo!!! I'm so proud of you cuzzies!!! = )

Then there is Aunt Nancy this weekend. As usual, we having nothing short of a good time so Library OpenHouse, here we come!!! Then there's going to be Bryant Park on Monday thanks to Chris. Yeah, hope they'll have a spot for us. Stay tuned for more info per our impromtu adventure. Then Tuesday will be around the corner and when dearest Joanie will be back. Will we be celebrating then...thinking there should be a cafe, shop or simply a street where we'll reveling in good times catching up.

Yup. That's what the next week of two will be I guess, getting back into the grind of being home and rounding off the year. Swell.

P.S. The family saved all the Sunday Daily News for me to read too...so sweet and thoughtful!!! <3

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