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A Piece of My Heart

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(To be sung with Jingle Bells tune.)

¨One to ones, two to twos;
here we go again,
Oh, what fun, it is to speak Spanish once again.¨


¨Richie, Julio, Juilo, Richie;
you worked hard, we worked hard;
can we come again.¨


¨Up the hill, down the hill,
to the meeting room, where to go,
Julio, please tell us!¨



¨Thank you, thank you very much!!!¨


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Last Dance

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Last evening at Cazorla. Black Eye Pea´s ¨Gotta Feeling,¨ playing in the background. Very fitting for the our last opportunity to spend together as a group. K...´nough of the computer, time to have one-2-ones, two-2-twos and group activities! G´night...or is it g´morning. Ha. Peace.

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"Where's my name tag?!"

Poetic License

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Saw the afternoon schedule after lunch and was noticed that I was slected to do a skit performance during the "variety hour" this evening. NO!!!! Instead of getting any sort of direction, the program coordinator only gave us a senario. "You are at a psychiatrist office because the week you've spent at PI has given you a lot of stress," and conviently walked out the room. He left the 7 of us in the meting room with two hours to brainstorm, script and rehearse before presenting it right before dinner. "Oof. Come on!," as they would say in Spain. We were neither prepared or confident per our skit but goodness, it really worked out. Not only did we get our point across, we made the crowd laugh, and definitley had more improv skills than we thought possible. Whew.

With only a day and half left to my week here in Cazorla, it's definitely going to be hard saying g'bye so some of the people I've met. With many we have been able to share a lot about ourselves, our thougths, feelings and struggles. Many conversations were ridiciously silly, profoundly deep and simply enjoyable. I really feel every so lucky to be here. Lastly, as our time here slowly draws to an end, we've all been given the task of being a 'secret friend,' to one of the program parcicipants. Our task therefore, up until the end of our program on Friday is to 'gift,' our friend in any way we would like, not spending any more than 5 euros in the process.

Yet again, as one of the lucky ones, I received my 1st gift before dinner. Sent by my secret friend, my villa-mate Mel was sent over to me, as I was typing away on the computer, to give me a (shoulder) massage. How sweet (and gosh, much needed too). Awww. Then the most wonderful and touching thing happened over dinner. Finishing up with our last course, dessert, Julio, one of our program coordinators, and 6 other (male) Spainsh particpants serenaded me in front of everyone in the dinning room. Migoodness! It was quite spectacular, a tad embrassing, sweet and most certainly something quite extradinary. Afteward I learned the song they sang is very popular for performing troupes in universities in Spain, known as Tunos. Whowever my secret friend is, s/he has been most thoughtful and is more the reason why I will not soon forget this experince.

K...off to bed with lovely dreams to be had. Night.

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Out and About...

In Town

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Today was bascially the only day that we sorta had to ourselves. We had a guided tour of the area and had two hours of free time in the town. I purposely walked away from the crowd for some alone time. It was wonderful. Really. The only day since we´ve arrived that I didn´t have to rush from one venue from another and have back to back scheduled events. Whew!

Got a bit frustrated yesterday for the 1st time with the ¨work.¨ It was during group activity and it really wasn´t so much a big deal and it was just pulling teeth trying to understand how to aid my fellow Spainards. Eventually I just had to say, that it´s a bit much for my brain cell to decifer what she was trying to tell me. This morning, after a pretty late evening of mad dancing, singing and fun, I avoided group and individual chatter for some light conversation. Therefore, breakfast, our guided tour, lunch and dinner was strategic.

It was a mellow day but a few of us definitely needed it. Luckily those whom I had to team up with were ¨on the same page.¨ Nice. (During our one to one´s we´re given idoms and phrases to review and to teach the Spaniards. The later was one of many we´ve had to learn so far.)

On a separate note, I´ve a crunch to pull together my plan post-Pubelo Ingles. I will be meeting my sister and (future) bro-in-law in Sevilla. Instead of getting a ride back to Mardid (which would be so fun - I know it) with my fellow group, I´ll be heading to the nearest town, to catch a bus to Ubeda in order to connect to Sevilla. Weather forecast seem to be holding up in in the 70´s. Awesome! While it can be warm in the sun here, the villa is pretty drafty (the only warm place in under the covers, which isn´t ideal when you need to make breakfast at 9am).

K...getting shoo-ed from the bar (where the one and only computer is located in the hotel). Boo. So much for trying to book my hostel for Seville. Night.

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Muah! Thanks for all the emails and comments over the past couple of weeks. Keep them coming. It´s lovely to be able to stay connected with even if it´s only to drop a line. <3

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