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Siesta to Fiesta!!!

Let the Party Begin

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We´ve been informed that we´ll be having a party this evening after dinner! Woohoo! Last night we had a traditional Pueblo Ingles event post-dinner ritual called Camada. In short, it involved flambe-ing alcohol that´s been spiced with coffee beans, lemon rind and cinnamon, a small skit about the history of Camada, and a toast over sips of the potent drink. Needles to say I slept quite well (and not suprisingly didn´t hear my alarm ring this morning).

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A Full Schedule


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Oy. So I typed up this whole entry and just when I was about to publish the post I accidentally deleted it. <sigh> So no, I won´t be recounting what I have written but simply provide a preview per the days I´ve been having here at the villa. Only our 2nd full day and the group of 40 have gotten quite close through our constant interactions both one-on-one, through group work, dinning during our meals and just from various interactions (as we´re the only guests at the hotel; the program brought out the entire hotel).

Our daily schedule is (typically) as follows:
815am - Wake-up call
9am - (Mandatory) Breakfast
10am - 1st 1-to-1 session (50 minutes)
11am - 2nd 1-to-1
12pm - 3rd 1-to-1
1pm - 2-to-2 session
2pm - 3 Course Lunch
3pm - 5pm - The INFAMOUS SIESTA*
5pm - Group Acitivity
6pm - 4th 1-to-1
7pm - Speaical Activity
8pm - Presentations/Performances
9pm - 3 Course Dinner
10pm - Personal Time/Bar Opens**

  • It´s been quite neccessary for me to at least take a 20 minute nap during this time. I always think I´d have more time but after I settle down, tidy up my room and ended up at the dinning room for 1.5 hours engaging conversations with an endless supply of red wine, the mid-day break is acutally quite short.
  • * As I´ve only brought with me a 40 litre backpack with me I´ve only that much to wear. I´ve been handwashing my clothes at night too which doesn´t leave me with much of anything else. There has been something quite provincial about my days here in Cazorla, and it´s been quite amazing.

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Laughing Therapy

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More to come!

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Villa Turistica de Cazorla


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Find site for Villa Turistica de Cazorla! This place is sprawling! = )

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Olive Groves Galore

Greece like clifts in Spain!

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it is beautiful here in cazorla! up on a cliff, and is a actual hotel. the program booked the entire hotel so we have our meals at the dinning room. the living spaces are mini townhouses. two people share one townhouse. there are two rooms are on the 1st floor w a full bathroom, the second floor has the living space w a tv, and the second full bathroom, and a door to the balcony. my housemate is originally from the uk, and is currently a resident in south-eastern spain. she´s quite lovely and teaches pilates at her leisure. our townhouse faces the front of the villa hotel, with a vista view of cliffs dotted w white houses and a huge castle to our right! there is only one computer here for the 40 anglos (¨teachers¨) and spaniards, while some have their own laptops, we´re only allowed to use the ´net when we have time off (i.e. siestas and post-dinner). a packed schedule, we´ve met at 845am to catch the charter bus (5hours) to the town of Jaen, in Andalusia. this area is well known for their process and production of olive oil, will likely bring some home if there are bottles to buy. it´s been non-stop talking since we´ve met in the morning, it is now nearly 12 hours later and we´ve only about 40minutes to ourselves. this is definitely give us a clue about how jammed-pack the week would go. more to enter as it comes along...will try to upload a picture or two! <3

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