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Paris Redux - Part II

Last full day in Paris

semi-overcast 56 °F

Boo. Can't believe how quickly the days have gone. Well, I certainly feel it from the ache in my body and the soreness from my feet, I could definitely do well with a couple more days. At last, the looming date of my filght from Paris fast approcahes I'm "energized," (in spirit, as it's yet another 7am morning, and likely another day of rain) to hit the vast, winding and roads of the city of Paris. I'll likely revisit some of the sites I've been to throughout the past couple of days, unfortunately, I will not be able to make a trip out to Versailles but I'll for sure return in the (near) future. : ) New points of attraction, if not today, hopefully tomorrow would be the L'Orangerie, the Rodin Museum/Garden, the "highline" of Paris, and the streets I'd discover simply by using my 'mental map,' and uncanny sense of direction. <3

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FREE on Sundays...

Nat'l Museums in Paris

overcast 60 °F

Set the alarm (and heard it this morning) for 7am. I'm hitting the mueums and street markets today! = ) More to come post-expedition. <3

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"Oh, Happy Halloween"

Being a Tourist


Yes. I think that would be a fitting "costume" for this year. Have ready my rumpled map of the city, "sensible" walking shoes, bottled water, and camera armed to ask for directions, look lost, snap pictures of everything in sight - "oh, look at that Parisian doggie, oh, and cool someone is holding a baguette!" And the best thing about this years costume is that...I'll welcome all that comes with being a tourist, travel in a new country, outing myself as a non-local and standing out - cause I do! = ) Have an extra chocolate bar and candy for me this year friends. We have next year. = )

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"What time is it??!"

When Sleep Prevails

57 °F

My alarm didn't go off (or maybe I didn't set it up or I simply didn't heard it ring). Either way, I was awaken by one of the hostel-mates, who also overslept! Goodness, 8:30am?!, that is an hour later than I intended. Therefore, foiled are my plans to make a day-trip out to Versailles. It would be too far of a trek and with the possiblity of today being the only clear day left for my stay I'm changing my plans around. I'll be heading over to Monmarte (to hopefully get an overview of the city of Paris perched on a big white Church), later the pieces will just fall into place as I go, though with the expectation of hitting: walk-about the River Siene, a Museum, outdoor street market, and eventually to sundown at the Eiffel Tower with a picnic dinner. If the view of the tower from a distance did the iconic Parisian city any good then I'd say I'm in for an amazing evening spent in a vast space with twinkling lights, and it's not even Christmas yet. Yes, I would say again (and again), "I'm a dog-gone lucky gal." <3

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Jet Lag

Wide awake

overcast 48 °F

Woke up countless times yesterday night. By 5:30am I was wide awake and decided instead of staying in bed I might as well make the best of my day. Was the only person in the common area using the internet to do searches per things to do. Ended up leaving the hostel at right before 8am, filled with the comp breakfast of coffee, juice and a (yummy and flakey) crossiant, I was ready for another day of roaming. Ended up walking into the Latin Quarter, checked out the Jardin du Luxemburg (it was beautiful even during this time of the year, must come back during the summer). Since it was early there were many joggers of all ages enjoying the space. Afterward I headed over to the Pathenon, the Sarbonne, Saint Sulpice, Marche Saint Germaine and Rue Mouffard. Got lost every step of the way and stopped numerous times referring to my map. It's cloudy today so was a bit chilly and got even cooler. Picked up lunch at Nico Crepeire along Rue Mouffard, and happily strolled back to the hostel. Added a couple of layers and mapped out the rest of the day. Going to hop on the metro and head to Charles de Gaulle - Etolie to take in the Arc de Triomphe, the Champ Elysses (take the long walk recommended by my sis) and into an evening at the Louvre.

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