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First Night

Doing as the locals would...

all seasons in one day 50 °F

My first evening in Paris is officially over. It's technically already the next day. Got lost in the winding streets and road of Paris after my last entry. Got to see good portion of the SE part of the city (13e and 14e), but started speed walking when I realized getting lost meant I'd probably be late to rendezvous with Allison at the Bastille Opera. There were only 20Eur tkts left and figured it wasn't enough a deal to spend the evening being cultured when I can be out and about. Ended up meeting a handful of friend through Allison, Mika (Scandanavia), Peter (Belgium), Nico (local) and Emily (Australian). We ended up having a potluck dinner of pasta, salad and wine/beer. The evening was spent over great company and laughter. It simply was a great beginning to the start of my stay here in the 'City of Lights.' Still have yet to see the major sights but it'll come. For the time being, the trip has already been quite the opportune adventure. I got to have dinner with a group of fun people over music from a local station, at a Parisian apartment with no elevator and charm - the least of my expectation. Oh, and the dense, rich and semi-sweet chocolate was quite the dessert to end the night, not w/o some practice w/ air kisses (both checks) Paris-style.

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Bonjour, Paris!


sunny 60 °F

I'm officially in Paris, yes, not in-transist, on a flight, laidover?, connecting a flight or simply stuck in Charles de Gaulle Airport! Navigated the metro to find my hostel and I was greeted by a familiar face. My friend Allison was in the common area waiting for me! She and I quickly booked plans for tonight...scoring cheap tickets to the opening of La Boheme at the Bastille Opera. Wish us luck as there is only about 60+ tkts available. = ) Plan B, head to the Museum O'rsay (for Impressionist Art), not a bad back up plan at all. The weather is sunny and warm...no sense in wasting it indoors! Wandering, here | come!

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Countdown to Departure

rain 48 °F

With less than 24hours to go 'till my flight to Paris, I've still lots to do. Errands, last-minute purchases and packing will consume my day and likely into the evening. While I'm excited about my travels abroad, I'll you'll be missed. Take care, be well and keep trucking! I'll see you when I get back! <3

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