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As much as I wanted to stay awake, I fell asleep watching TV by 9:30pm. Ha. A tad exhausted from my 8+ hour flight home, I did managed unpack! and stay awake until dinner with the family. Boy, was the RICE amazing (in addition, to the veggies, roast pork and Gramp's homemade fishcake)...though I think it totally added to my premature ZZZ's. While I didn't sleep the whole night through I still woke up at 8am. Figured why sleep-in if I'm up. It was quite nice having the apartment to myself, raded the fridge and had turkey congee, followed later with a coffee-tea accompanied by a pineapple jellyroll. Oy, with Xmas around the corner I might end up looking like one. Ha. Watched some more tv and uploaded pictures the rest of the afternoon. In between, it was wonderful listening to the radio (and seems like I haven't missed much but the most recent Lady Gaga song and others) and louging in my own bed. A hot bowl of (the much anticipated) noodle soup wasn't a disappointment either. Sssweeet!

Oh, it has come to the attention of a reader (who will remain unnamed, 'cause I'm nice like that) I've made a typo in the last entry. Little did this said person take into account my sleep deprived state and long day of sight-seeing in BCN. However, I will update after this post. The showdown has started.

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Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona!!

Hours to HomeComing

rain 56 °F

Last day in Barcelona and it rained. Yes. But it didn't deter my plans to visit two of Gaud's buildings and his infamous and massively splendid Sagrada Familia. Learned that most, if not all shopping stores and some other establishments are closed since it's Sunday. Made for quite an interesting walk through the city, completely refreshing realy - such a treat to be able to go about with a sea of people and nosie. The day was quite a contrast to the evening I just had. While I didn't get to a bar to be part of the Barcelona vs Real Madrid footbol match, I did get to see people celebrate the in streets to what I assume was a win (if not a tied). Prior to hitting the streets again in search of dinner and last minute souvenirs I took a much needed siesta. The game was on during that time, and if the shouting, what I assume sound like flares setting off and dogs barking meant anything, it was a thrilling and exciting game. Really was the best way I could've ended my last night in this amazing city. I ended up getting a lamb sharwama with a San Miguel. Yes. I had my stuffed pita in one hand, had it with a beer while watcing folks decked out in hometown gear chanting Barcelona, Barcelona, Barcelona! Couldn't have asked for a better last night in town.

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Hitting the Streets

BCN's Nightlife

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Went back out to the La Rambla area and checked out an outdoor market that I spotted last night. With only 30 minutes left to closing the place was bustling with folks getting groceries, tourist taking loads of pictures and gauking at the produce and wet market. It was so cool and exciting. Picked up a picnic dinner and had it in a plaza and later watching a street performance. It was the great evening that just came to be. I've only one more day left in Barcelona before I fly back home. Just sitting in the square before amongst Spaniards and travellers was quite surreal. In a way it felt like I was hanging out with friends...I guess, in essence these people have been my friend, family and home since my departure from NY. Like the impact Pueblo Ingles had on me (over a short period of time), I'm going to really miss the spirit of the life, culture and environment out here. Hopefully, I'll be able to retain a good amount of it when I return home, because it's made me really happy and simply all smiles since I've been lucky enough to be here taking it all in.







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...Oh, Barcelona

< 3 Days

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Took me a while to get here but it already seems like I won't have enough time to truely take in what Barcelona has to offer. After a long overnight bus ride into the city, and got 20 minutes worth, ate breakfast at the hostel and instead of hitting the streets at 10am, hit the sack intsead. It was two hours of a lovely and much needed nap. Woke quite refreshed; after some slight research and mapping set out to explore.

After 5 hour of walking, lunch, a snack a delightful looking dessert I couldn't resist (i.e. xuxos - think fried zeppole filled with custard creme, SO GOOD) and, "cafe con leche para llevar," (yes, I founded a place with takeaway coffee, and yes, it was the worst coffee i had outside of the last hostel I stayed at) and taking in the sights...I think Gaudi is amazingly cool. An architect by trade, he's built a number of buildings around the city and they're so whimical and beyond his time. Out of the 6 (or so) I got to see 5 of them!!! I simply love it and that's only the blg exterior!! Can't wait to visit some of them later today.

At last...while I finally figured out how to get more time on the internet here at the hostel, they are closing up the area. Boo. It's nearly 4am and I'm now wide awake. Hmmmm...wonder if anything is open at this time. Ha.


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The Thing With Travels Is...

You Simply Roll With It

rain 55 °F

Yes. That is definitley key. If you know me then you know I plan, a lot (um...make that a whole lot), and this trip has instilled (like most of my travels have) to simply chillout and go with the flow. Well, I´ve become quite use to the idea. So much so, that while I wanted and ¨needed¨ to book my tickets and accommodations for Barcelona (to which I am heading later today) last night, it simply wasn´t happening. Not only did the last minute planning lead to skyrocketed prieces for flights, the train and bus options weren´t any better. Oops. With that said, who needs to book a hostel when I´m not even sure when I´ll get into town. Instead...I went straight to bed. Nice.

As of this morning, after a nice chat with folks at breakfast, I got a hostel recommendation for Barcelona (and plans for Sunday - head anywhere to watch the Real Madrid and BCN footbol match = )...AND make reservations. They didn´t have any availabilities for tonight so I´m going to take the overnight bus. Yup, if Madrid´s Bus Station is like most I´ve been to in Spain, I can easily get tickets 30 minutes before my departure. Hopefully...because it´s a bit drizzly outside and I´m not in any rush to head outdoors just yet. Yellow mellow (and seriously, that´s so uncanny and I´m loving it).

However, since I do have a full day left in Madrid, I´ll eventually catch a couple more sights in town, maybe sit in that cool cafe I came across the other day, maybe even have a sit-down meal somewhere, upload some pictures, read and even catch a film (in Spanish perhaps) before my departure. Oh, and, yes, I guess I´ll have another Thanksgiving meal in town too because in the mist of all this traveling I´ve mixed up my days. Happens.

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